Rod pump Stuffing Box

Working Pressure: ≤1500psi Bottom Thread: 1.3/4”, 2”, 2.1/2”, 3”, 3.1/2”, 4” Bottom Connection: Box or Pin, API Tubing or Line Pipe thread. Material: AISI1045/4130 casting steel or ductile iron Split Cone Packing (rod sizes): 1”, 1.1/8”, 1.1/4”, 1.1/2” and 1.3/4”

"We imported the stuffing box for rod pumps, and installed them in our petroleum projects, they are working well."

Rod Stuffing Box

Double Packed Polished Rod Stuffing Box, Stuffing box to be installed at Pumping Well Head and seal off the Polished Rod with cone packing and free floating lubricated upper section to assure self alignment and packing burn out, designed to seal off leakage by fluid pressure.

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Stuffing Box For rod pump

Cone-style stuffing box is available for Single Pack and Double Pack stuffing box as blow, Using 1045/4130 casting steel or ductile iron as per customer demand, for cap, glands, body and base,bottom are API gauged threads of tubing EUE or LP. 

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Stuffing Box for rod pumps

They are suitable for rod sizes 1”, 1.1/8”,1.1/4”, 1.1/2” and 1.3/4”. Simple structure, easy installation and convenient maintenance,  and they can make sure the sealing effectiveness through its single packing or double packing or even triple packing.

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oil rod pump Stuffing Box


Self-contained lubricant for wells with an absence of fluid.


For high-temperature applications to 425F.


Combines the longevity of Teflon with the cleaning action of brass. Used on steel polished rods, or hard-faced liners only.


For wells that pump or flow off. Max. Temperature 110F (43C).


Longer lasting for pumping situations such as long stroke, fast cycle.


Helps prevent undesirable deposits on polished rods, or liners.

stuffing packing box for rod pumps

Manufacturer of stuffing box for oil field rod pumps